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Green Slip

Pink Slip 

Blue Slip

Safety Inspection


We provide pink slip and blue slip after your safety inspection.

If you are looking to register your vehicle in New South Wales, you’ll need first of all a green slip. It’s always a great idea to shop around.

If you are renewing your vehicle’s registration and your renewal notice from the RTA/RMS says “Inspection Required”, this means that you will need a Vehicle Safety Check (Pink Slip) and a green slip to register your vehicle.

If you are transferring your vehicle from another state, or if you are re-registering your vehicle due to the vehicle’s registration being cancelled, you will need both a Safety and Identity Check (Blue Slip) and a green slip to register your vehicle.

We also offer available vehicles for you, when you need vehicle to do something emergency.

Vehicle Dealer 

We got registered dealer licence from government.

Our pre-purchase inspection service check list is below:

1 Research

2 Contact

3 Exterior Visual Inspection

4 Interior Visual Inspection

5 Ride-Along as Passenger

6 Test Drive

7 Mechanic Test Drive

8 Mechanic Inspection

9 Mechanic Computer Test

10 Mechanic Compression